Wakin’ up at dawn,
thinkin’ that’s what I need
just to get along
in this world full of people
crawlin’ on their knees.
Lookin’ for the next master to please
with a mouthful of disease.

What happened to the dignity?

It’s all gone
along with every thing I see.


I like negativity. Black voids excite me.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of nothingness. I spent a great deal of my late adolescence trying to plunge myself into it. I wasn’t necessarily what you’d call “emo”; I never put on mascara or eye shadow, never cut myself, never wrote depressing poetry for the sake of pouring out my heart’s contents, never pretended androgyny.

I did wear a lot of black and shapeless clothing, though. I did have a pair of custom-fitted fangs that seamlessly clipped onto my canines, but I never indulged in any live-action role-playing. Unless you consider acting like a mindless drugged-out zombie to be role-playing.

When I first began to understand how computers and data storage worked, I quickly learned that the best way to make things operate smoothly was formatting and deleting the hard disks.
There was even a command in MS-DOS called “kill”, which totally obliterated data from the drive.

There are people out there who believe that to truly find themselves, they must first lose themselves. Allow me to explain.

You’ve spent your life collecting experience. This experience has fundamentally altered your behaviour in ways that now shape and dictate how you act. This is an ongoing process that happens as long as there is activity in that brain of yours.

Therefore, if you could somehow reset these experiences, somehow delete or reformat the data in your brain, would you then have a clean slate from which to work?

There are more than a few experiences I could do without. It’s quite possible that these select memories of actions I took and things that happened as a result thereof are responsible for me being the person I am today.

If I could excise these blocks of information from my mind, would that somehow make me better? I say no.

Consider the idea of a time paradox, you know, the shit that always happens in those sci-fi stories involving time travel. You go back in time and alter a single moment, and the whole rest of reality has to adjust itself to compensate.

The butterfly effect, how the air currents made by a butterfly flapping its wings in the Himalayas somehow become a hurricane on the other side of the world. Ripples in the pond becoming tsunami. Any other number of bullshit philosophical metaphors.

I believe we must consider all the data in our brains to be cross-linked in a massive wafer, where each subsequent layer of this wafer depends on the data on and below it. Remove any part of this cat’s cradle of synapses and mental rays and the yo-yo drops.

If you catch my meaning.

So what the hell does this have to do with the darkness I perceive in myself, and my emptiness fetish?

The absolute Zen. Being both everything and nothing at once. Achieving nirvana through the union of the one and the zero.

I used to believe that nothingness depended on the erasure of time. No longer is this so.

Nothingness is a balance. It is the sum of the positive and the negative. It is understanding that something cannot exist without a sense of nothing to compare it to.

I like negativity. I like it exactly as much as I do positivity, and with this attitude I achieve my spiritual balance.


You wanna know what I think?

I think we’re born free,
and sold into slavery.

I believe we have the right to choose,
but no right to dictate the choices.

I wanna love everything and everyone,
if only to balance all the hate in my heart.

I understand I’m a prisoner of my own devices,
and some of your devices too.

I feel like I’m drowning in sand,
and it’s spilling through the needle-narrow neck of an hourglass.

I fear there’s nowhere near enough time to do the things I need to,
but there’s too much time for the things I want.

I yearn for peace and quiet,
while running riot and screaming my head off.

I know nothing about everything,
a little about some things,
and this bothers the hell out of me.

I accept it all, and this is what sets me apart.

I think we’re born free,
and sold into slavery.

I guess it’s just the drudge in me.