Just wanted to write this stuff down before I forgot, then the next time I’m tooling around this site I’ll either be impressed with myself for getting it done or disappointed for not.


  • Flash intro (> 1 minute long).
  • Outro/credits (no time limit).
  • Animated “starting soon” cards.

I’m trying to make the streams into “shows” rather than 6+ hour marathon sessions of yelling at videogames and random strangers (the defacto style of most popular streamers).

Ideally I’d like to be obligated to just an hour or two 4x a week. With that in mind, like any good “show”, the stream needs some standardized bookends. Gonna work at putting something together in After Effects, and rolling them out ASAP.

Follow the stream here, and check out the YouTube archive here.

Keep calm, and game on.