Asleep on my feet
With nothing beneath
The time unfolds
And secrets show
There’s always a way
To save the day
If you believe
In destiny
Then nothing stops
The force of life
And now we fade
Into the night.


I delve these dark places
in forced privation
and solitude,
ever scrabbling
the stubborn ground
as a prospector must
his claim.

Though dank the soil
and deep the fear,
just close one’s eyes
so as to remind
of the distant horizon
towards I strive.

And dream,
yes, dream.

That I could recline,
garb’d most comfortably
in well-lit places,
o’erlooking Mediterranean blue,
with fine food and drink
and a vision in white,
her gauzy air,
to enjoy a conversation
or just pass the time.


We are creatures of the dark,
we inhabit the benighted places.
Vaulted chambers deep beneath the earth,
you might call caverns
what we call home.

We have not walked in the light in centuries,
and our world is as black as wet velvet,
but we see just fine
here in the shadow.

Should you stumble upon our dripping demesne
and meet us face to face,
you would recoil in horror
and the fear might drive you insane.

We are simply different
and we walked a different way.
We stood together once,
you and I,
and at a fork in the road we parted.

We cannot hear your footsteps,
or feel the thunder of your conveyance.
For here in the dark,
in the heart of the Earth,
we have found our own blissful existence.